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Your website establishes your identity online. It is yours. Social media has its place, but you only have limited control over what you can put there and how you can organize it. And most importantly, how your clients can find you and the information they need.

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Need to sell online? A number of different types of ecommerce platforms are offered by different providers. With our guidance you can choose which of these is best for your business, depending on your specific business requirements.

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Tech Support

Need help fixing or updating your PCs, networks, printers? We can help you with advice, setup, troubleshooting, and recovery of your personal or business technology devices.

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Search Optimization

There is no point in having a website if no one can find it. That is the purpose of Search Engine Optimization or SEO - to get your name near the top of the list of good answers to a simple question put to a search provider.

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Online Advertising

Sometimes you just have to pay to get the word out to potential clients, especially when you have a new website and the search engines don't know much about you. You need to reach likely prospects before they know you exist.

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Social Media

Social Media has a place in your online marketing strategy - but it should not be your only focus. Remember, the social media platforms place their best interests ahead of yours. With your own website, you have control over the when, what and how.

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Project Management

So you have a new IT project under consideration or even underway. We can help you by providing some oversight over the vendor's implementation and letting you take care of your business.

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