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 Social Media

Social Media has a place in your business marketing strategy - but it should not be all your focus.

Bear in mind the constant changes in treatment that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google seem to apply on an arbitrary basis but which is only calculated to optimize their bottom line - not yours. 

In general your business' use of Social Media outlets should be to drive an audience to your website which you control. In that way, you maintain absolute control of your content and can use any number of methods to drive traffic to it should another outlet dry up for some reason. Anyone remember when MySpace and AltaVista was the place to be?

Therefore, your website needs rich, engaging and updating content. Hence the need to use a good Content Management System (CMS).


Web-Site Design and Management Services

 Content Management Systems

One of our practice areas is website construction and maintenance using an open-source Content Management System (CMS). The leading CMS are WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal. Each has its place and much of the internet runs using these systems.

A CMS separates "web design" from "web content" and ideally separates detailed knowledge of the technical underpinnings of the website from the day-to-day necessities of updating text, images and other content.

For the business, this allows authorized staff members to update different parts of the website content without needing any in depth understanding of web technologies. Technology and security updates can then be handled as needed by an IT guy with the appropriate skills.

For our sites, the inQsec team typically handles all technical aspects of the site, and optionally we can take care of making content updates if that fits the client's preference.

Here are some examples of our Joomla! sites which showcase capabilities of using the Joomla! CMS. - Firearms and Archery Range and Store - Asphalt Paving, Grading and Demolition - 501(c)(3) Public Charity - ASD - 501(c)(7) Non-profit - Cat Fancy Club

eCommerce sites

eCommerce sites are focused on optimizing inventory control and product sales online. A number of open-source or proprietary eCommerce platforms are offered by different web hosting providers.

When you have an eCommerce site you will want folks to find it so SEO and Social Media (see left & right columns) is important; and perhaps online advertising using Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other avenues.

Here are examples of eCommerce sites to which we have contributed using the BigCommerce, Shopify and Amazon platforms. - Competition Shooting components - BigCommerce Shooting components - PrestaShop - Shooting Range Supplies - Shopify - Industrial Supplies - Shopify
 "Nuts About Soap" by Chemsmart - Hand Cleaner - Amazon

Brochure Sites

Sometimes a business may only need a trivial website with basic contact information - essentially an online business card and/or brochure. There are many options to build this sort of site and many are touted as easy to use and "your site in 1-hour or less". If that is your requirement but you don't even want to spare the "1-hour or less" (heads-up: it will take you longer), inQsec can build out a low-cost, low maintenance, set and forget site using one of the popular tools.

For instance: - A manufacturer's representative - this site(!) - Prototype modeling and machining

Search Engine Optimization

There is no point in having a website if no one can find it. That is the purpose of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

There are 2 major parts to SEO:

 1. On-site SEO

This is work performed on the website itself to make the site attractive to the search engines. 

There are certain evolving and changing technical standards that the major engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) encourage and sometimes insist on.

The website technology has to evolve with these standards in order to remain relevant and retain ranking. Current must-haves include:

  • Mobile-friendly: for optimized viewing and use  on small screens such as phones, tablets etc.
  • Responsive: for optimized use on browsers as users resize their windows.
  • https - capable: - the secure protocol which provides end-to-end encryption of all communication between the browser and the website.
Also, the era of fooling the search engines by keyword stuffing and use of hidden text is over. Their advanced algorithms now do a pretty good job of assessing the value of user-visible content i.e. deciding if a viewer would find the page as presented responsive to their question. A good Content Management System (CMS) provides tools to create and manage high-value content.

Since internet standards and best-practices continually evolve, and security vulnerabilities continually surface, your website should be built using a well-supported tool (such as one of the CMS); and receive regular maintenance.

inQsec handles all that for our clients.

 2. Off-Site SEO

This is work performed outside of the primary website to make sure that the website is noticed and publicized around the web. 

This includes getting a listing on:

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Business Place
  • Other key "citation" sites such as Yelp, Yahoo Local, MapQuest, etc
Plus, getting backlinks to the site from other trusted parties such as suppliers, civic groups, charities, interest-group forums, news sites, etc. 

Since your competition is constantly trying to steal your customers by getting a higher search ranking than you, an active policy of monitoring, adding, correcting and improving your citations and backlinks is required in order to maintain your business' online profile.

inQsec handles all that for our clients.