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Located in Marietta, GA, we have served clients in:

North Carolina

And can work remotely wherever you might be.

Incorporated May 2015 and now operating out of  Marietta, in the Greater Atlanta area of Georgia, inQsec Solutions, LLC offers IT expertise and services to our clients. Our clients are typically small businesses, small organizations or individual solopreneurs who want some help making IT working for them.

With technology changing constantly, many businesses find it easier to keep up with changes in their own business and let inQsec help keep them current with technology changes.

Paul Smith, Owner, inQsec Solutions, LLCWe believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients so that we can recommend the right choices as both technology and the client's business needs change.

Our primary focus is on helping our clients stay abreast of their online business profile including websites, ecommerce, social media and online advertising. In addition we can be your project manager for your other IT initiatives.

inQsec owner, solopreneur and principal consultant is Paul Smith who has been helping businesses be successful on the web for over 20 years. After a long career in enterprise software he is now focussing on providing personal service to ensure you get the solutions and attention important to your business. Often Paul does everything but if your needs require he can call on a broad network of fellow solopreneurs and agencies to contribute.

Let Us Help ...

  • Provide project management, technical expertise and advice for any of your technology challenges
  • Design and build your new web site with an individual design and flavor
  • Redesign or rebuild your older web site to better reflect your current requirements
  • Organize and conduct marketing operations for such platforms as Amazon, Google, and Facebook
  • Link together all your web presences with emails, web sites, sales sites, social sites and maintain these so they work in harmony
  • Design and execute sales and ad campaigns across selected platforms

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