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Search optimization can only go so far with bringing in new clients. Sometimes you just have to pay to get the word out to potential clients, especially when you have a new business and even the search engines don't know much about you. You need to reach likely prospects who don't even know you exist. Unless you are selling an impulse item, your advertising needs to be a process, not an event. You need to get the word out initially and then remain front-of-mind with your prospects so when they need something which you can provide, they will think of you.

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Online advertising is one part of your overall business advertising which might include print and other media up to and including giant inflatable gorillas.

At inQsec, we just help you with your online ads. We can just advise, help with the platform technology, or run the campaigns for you.

Unless you expect a very large volume of business, we do not find the expense of producing reams of reports and analysis to prove exactly where each client came from (the "attribution question") of much economic benefit to our small business clients. It is usually sufficient to note that your business is picking up and your clients say "I found you online." Maybe they will remember it was a Facebook ad, a Google ad, a Yelp ad, a Nextdoor ad or that they found you from a Google search (or was Bing maybe?), but most often they won't know, and you don't really care - you just want them to see you in many places and eventually decide to give you a try. Front-of-mind.

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