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As a small business owner, you have your work cut out just to manage and master your own business and typically might not have a large IT team, or maybe not even one at all.

Perhaps the "IT team" is the office manager who is handy around a PC or an intern/part-timer who is taking computer classes, or maybe you after all the staff have gone home. This may not be enough time or qualification to undertake a major IT overhaul, to oversee the stand-up of a new eCommerce platform or to manage an online ad campaign.

When the time comes to acquire, install, fix, repair or renew some critical piece of technology then the small business owner may rely on a vendor's salesman for advice and the vendor's team for implementation services.

Can you see a possible problem here?

inQsec - Your Personal IT Consultant

project managementEven if we are not engaged to perform the entire project, an inQsec consultant can be your Trusted Advisor for IT matters. This might cover:

  • Situation Assessment. So you think things could be better with the right IT solution. Let us:
    • perform an evaluation of "current state" IT vis a vis your current and evolving business needs;
    • help clarify your options, provide recommendations; or, create an RFP.

  • Vendor Research & Selection. So you know you need something IT. Let us help you: find the right vendor for that need; evaluate proposals; ask the right questions; provide an unbiased assessment of the options and risks.

  • Project Oversight & Control. So you have a new IT project underway. The vendor's team serves 2 masters - you, their customer; and, The Man, who cashes your check and signs their paycheck. Let us help you:
    • to provide some level of independent oversight to make sure you get the full picture from the vendor's team; and,
    • to review and monitor the vendor's schedules, progress and deliverables.

  • Project Recovery. So you have already run into problems before calling us. Schedules are slipping; expectations are not being met; early deliverables do not look to be meeting your needs; your team is overworked and overwhelmed; your main business may be suffering from lack of attention. Let us help you get things back on track.

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