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Social Media has a place in your business marketing strategy - but it should not be all your focus.

social mediaBear in mind the constant changes in treatment that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google seem to apply on an arbitrary basis but which is only calculated to optimize their bottom line - not yours.

Have you ever read a post on Facebook for a business, then tried to find that same article again a few days/weeks/months later?

Ever found a good article then tried to share it with a friend but they can't read it because "I don't do Facebook"; or maybe the original post had restrictive permissions?

In general your business' use of Social Media outlets should be to drive an audience to your website which you control. In that way, you maintain absolute control of your content and can use any number of methods to drive traffic to it should another outlet dry up for some reason. Anyone remember when MySpace and AltaVista was the place to be?

Therefore, your website needs rich, engaging and updating content. Your Social Media posts can reference the URL on your website where your original content is; you can reference the same URL on Instagram, MailChimp, Facebook, Nextdoor, Google, etc, and it remains the same and references the same original content from each referenced place, and other folks can link to it from their social media accounts or website.

This is made all the easier for you if your website uses a good Content Management System - CMS

Another important use for social media is for "Reviews". Your potential clients will probably check your business reviews on one or more sites of their choice before they even call you. So be sure to solicit reviews from satisfied clients and provide them an easy option to post on one or more social media sites.

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